Image of Drowned Syrian Boy Echoes Around World

A trip for medical reasons ?

Un voyage pour raisons médicales ?

Details emerge about 3-year-old from Syria who died off Turkish coast


On Thursday, a distraught Mr. Kurdi, 40, told reporters he was 
preparing to take the bodies back to Kobani for burial and would stay there.

“From now on, I will live (in Kobani) too. I want to be buried with my family,” he said outside the morgue in the nearby town of Mugla.

Mr. Kurdi brought his family to Turkey three years ago after fleeing fighting first in Damascus, where he worked as a barber, then in Aleppo, then Kobani. His Facebook page shows pictures of the family in Istanbul crossing the Bosporus and feeding pigeons next to the famous Yeni Cami, or new mosque.

From his hospital bed on Wednesday, Mr. Kurdi told a Syrian radio station that he had worked on construction sites for 50 Turkish lira (roughly $17) a day, but it wasn’t enough to live on. He said they depended on his sister, Tima Kurdi, who lived in Canada, for help paying the rent.

Ms. Kurdi, speaking Thursday in a Vancouver suburb, said that their father, still in Syria, had suggested Abdullah go to Europe to get his damaged teeth fixed and find a way to help his family leave Turkey. She said she began wiring her brother money three weeks ago, in €1,000 ($1,100) amounts, to help pay for the trip.

Shortly after, she said her brother called her and said he wanted to bring his whole family to Europe, as his wife wasn’t able to support their two boys alone in Istanbul.

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Karen Leigh in Dubai and Emre Peker in Ankara contributed to this article.

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