Letter from a paratrooper about Charlie

By Régis Ollivier 01/20/2015

Le Colonel Attitude

Letter from an unknown soldier that I approve 100%, like my other army brothers who, like me, are not Charlie. This letter was read more than 500,000 times and gained 111k « Like » on Facebook. I would like to thanks BarbaraC for this translation. //RO




Letter from a paratrooper about Charlie

Indeed, the presence of « Parisians patriots » on the Pont Alexandre III at the repatriation of the remains of our fallen soldiers to defend France, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. You decide.

Red: who bet with me that we will soon attend four functions of “Legion of Honor” posthumously? Deserved, undeserved, the debate is open …

However, I recognize that the case Charlie Hebdo traumatized me. Indeed, this morning, my dear comrades, I woke up anxious. I immediately examined myself carefully to determine whether, as I read it everywhere and as it should be, I did not become a Charlie …

This checking reassured me, I’m definitely not a Charlie!

In fact, I do not consider that the death of these four artists is more tragic or more unjust than our 102 fallen comrades in Afghanistan, Mali and Central African Republic. Everyone did his job, with the risks that were associated with it. I would have liked such a mobilization of our “good thinking people” on the Alexandre III bridge or in the courtyard of the Invalides for each of repatriation of one of our soldiers. That day, yes, I am a Para, COS, a porpoise, a Legion. No need to listen to me in the morning. (I did not count but I think we have more national mourning days for these four jerks days mourning than our 102 heroes all together)

However, two major differences:
– Our fellow soldiers had never spit on France, its history and its institutions as have done greedily our four “pencil users” for the past 50 years.
– Our soldiers were prepared for their tragic end, which is unfortunately part of the contract. Our “pencil users”, after fifty years to insult and drag in the mud tough and soft Democrats, Catholics, military, police, patriots without any reaction but facing the other cheek, could not imagine how some prophet supporters could miss humor of their « innocent » cartoons.

Sprawled comfortably in their cesspool for so long, they could not be at the top when two bad bedfellows came in very bad mood in the newsroom. Too bad! As one of our comrades pointed out in broadcast, extreme “Gauche” has discovered with amazement that she had no monopoly on attack and targeted assassination. All is lost, my good lady! It is the fault of globalization and hyper-liberalism. Let ‘s have on this occasion a thought for the General Engineer Audran, François Besse, Gabriel Chahine, Aldo Moro, Hanns-Martin Schleyer and all other victims of Direct Action, the Red Brigades and other Rote Army Fraktion.

Okey! Does one explain to me, but, beyond the murder of four (self-proclaimed) journalists, it is freedom of speech that is attacked and therefore democracy. Yes that, I readily admit. Moreover, isn’t the general indignation as noisy as that to which we have failed to attend at the sacking of Eric Zemmour, especially from fellow journalists? Freedom of speech you’re telling me? Huh, what, ha, it is not comparable? So I do not understand. I thought it was an inviolable principle inherited from the Lights century, I learned that, as in aviation, freedom of expression has variable geometry…

2015 promises to be exciting! 12-0 at the moment but the game is not over. I therefore urge you, dear comrades, as whenever the tactical situation becomes confused, to remain « grouped » to make good arrangements and post your “bells” in all directions. And remember, if we ever get there, but just shoot precisely without hate, because they are our brothers …

Let Saint Michel watches over our country, it really needs it.

Picture : MD Articles – We are not « Charlie » misanthropic.info



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